Expats in Mallorca

Emigrate to Mallorcaa

It is easy for EU citizens to emigrate to Spanish Mallorca. Nevertheless, formalities must be complied with. Get the information from the authorities about the details.

From pension to documents

Anyone who has his/her main residence in Spain can not generally receive benefits from his home country. Check your status with pension, insurances, health insurance.

Job offers
New life in Mallorca

This is how a start in Mallorca succeeds

People of different backgrounds live in Mallorca, making it easier for their respective compatriots to settle in. lt will be difficult without the knowledge of one of the national languages.

Spanish, Catalan or Mallorquin

Official languages in Mallorca are Castilian (Spanish) and Catalan. Among the locals spreads the traditional Mallorquin, a variant of Catalan.